Sua Irmã, Minha Irmã (2018)

A collaboration with Actress and Artist Martina Schneider, Sua Irmã, Minha Irmã is a collection of portraits that embraces nostalgia and feminine power. Martina is a figure that rises and thrives out of the in-between, in between places, disciplines, and families, she embodies the spirit of fearlessness and beautiful power.

Untitled #1-6 (To be continued)

Find Martina on Instagram: @marcheana


This series of portraits examines the use of color, cloth, and accessory as means through which we find comfort and refuge. Finding solace in the visuals of and feelings brought about by hoodies, blankets, and novelty glasses becomes an important form of self-care.

Things Are Lookin' Up (Meg) / Quiet Contemplation (Erin) / Resilience (Kalla) / Respite In Dark Times (Taylor) / Let's Take It Easy Now (Paola) / Unease And Distance (Erin)

Satin Archival Inkjet Prints, 12 x 18 in.