Visual Typologies

Visual typologies allow for the classification and expanded study of particular subjects; they function as a tool for ethnographic study into life and identity. 

All Hours Of The Night tracks the activity of a singular household over time, indicated by which lights are on: the lights function as a signifier of presence in a particular room or area. Thus, they allow a glimpse into how the family functions within the space of their home.

Ruminations On Skin examines an individuals relationship with the feel and form of potatoes; forming a sort of kinship with the tuber in terms of skin and diasporic identity. Together, these visual typologies inform notions of identity from both inside and outside, up close and far away.

All Hours Of The Night (2017) / Ruminations On Skin (2017) Archival Inkjet prints, installation dimensions variable.

All Hours Of The Night has been published in Brainchild Magazine 2017 Issue.