COLLABORATIVE | col + labore

(2018 - ongoing) 

COLLABORATIVE is a group of artists who have never worked together before and as a result have no bio of past successes or failures. Each artists in the collaboration has their own personal history with their selected discipline(s) and a variety of interests; including, but not limited to, art therapy/mental health, performance/interdisciplinary art, social activism, human experience, composition, and sound art.

Collaborate, a verb used to represent working together, can be clouded in action by worry and pride. Are we able to live the verb and do it justice - reflect the roots of the word, col + labore which translate to: to labor together." COLLABORATIVE raises questions about artist residencies, collaborations and artists for hire by organizations. Can artists work for one another rather than compete for a few coveted positions?

In this residency artists may change their involvement during the course of the project, invite others to contribute, or decide to work with a medium they are less experienced with: additionally, all students are considered artists in residence, rather than participants. COLLABORATIVE is an opportunity for adult and student artists to reflect on the action of "collaborating." The large amount of people, varying opinions and lack of predetermined structure will ask for all involved to implement high levels of compromise, forgiveness and compassion.

Group Portraits (2018) Archival Inkjet prints, 24 x 36 in, 22 x 40 in.

COLLABORATIVE was an Artist-in-Residence at the 2018 Price Hill Creative Community Festival. (

follow COLLABORATIVE on instagram (@col_labore)


follow COLLABORATIVE on instagram (@col_labore)