Self Portraits (2018 - In Progress)

Through this series of self portraits I acknowledge the complexities and variations of in-between identities, the ni de aqui de alla. The images act as new constructions of identity - complex, curious, optimistic, and varied. As such, they hope to be culture-fixers, the kind of images that celebrate and bring pride to those who have always questioned where they are supposed to exist socially and culturally.

Effy’s Arizona (Mine Mine Mine Ese Mia) /

Tired of Ur BS (My Mama’s got my Back) /

Channeling Mama Inti, Soledad, Sun Goddess Of Southwest Ohio, And All Of Her Bountiful Harvest Blessings /

Kola Queen and Don’t You Forget It /

Si, Te Escucho Pero Like What Did You Say Again I Don’t Know What That Means /

Invoking The Wisdom Of Teresita, Chismosa, Pendeja, Y Always Hopelessly In Love /

Satin Inkjet Archival prints, 30 x 40 in.


Made in reaction to the current cultural, political, and social moment surrounding fresh pop-culture figures like Cardi B and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this self-portrait speaks to the rejection of cultural status quo and demands space for new, unapologetic representations to be seen.

What if being unapologetically brown, badass, and outspoken was the most patriotic thing you could be?

The idea of a “New Brown America” (New Yorker article) paints a tempting and confident picture of a fearless and unapologetically brown future, one with the “audacity of equality.”

N.B.A. I

Satin Inkjet Archival print, 30 x 35 in.